“In the sixth book of the Dark Sword series, Donna Grant exposes the hidden truth behind Broc’s behavior toward Sonya.”
Sonya thinks her Druid powers are lost so she flees the safety of the MacLeod Castle because she thinks she is a failure. She is a healer, but, when her own sister dies because she cannot save her, Sonya is unable to face her friends or Broc, a fierce warrior and the man she secretly loves. Since she thinks she no longer has her powers, Sonya believes that she is safe from Deirdre. Deirdre is an evil drough Druidess who plans to conquer the world using powers she steals from the meis, Druids with pure magic. When Deirdre takes Broc prisoner, planning to force him to serve her, Sonya sets out to rescue him. Against great odds, Broc and Sonya escape from Deirdre. Together they try to locate an artifact that Deirdre covets before she can get her hands on it. Can Broc and Sonya get there before Deirdre?
Broc is a warrior with a fearsome god inside him who gives him special powers. When his god takes over his body, Broc has the ability to fly and find anyone who is missing. He sets out to find Sonya when she disappears from MacLeod Castle. Broc loves Sonya, but believes he is cursed. Every woman he ever loved died horribly. To protect Sonya, he tries to keep his distance from her. Sonya insists that she is not afraid of his curse. She wants him. She waited too long for him to notice her. Now that she knows that he wants her too, she sets out to make him surrender to their love. Deirdre has plans for Broc also. She wants control of his god and is willing to torture him until he agrees to her demands. Sonya is the perfect pawn for Deirdre to use against Broc. Can Broc keep Sonya safe?
In the sixth book of the Dark Sword series, Donna Grant exposes the hidden truth behind Broc’s behavior toward Sonya. Fear keeps two people who are so much in love from being happy. When they finally give in to their feelings, the love explodes off the page. Deirdre needs Broc and must leave the safety of her lair in order to capture him. There are strange forces at work that will complicate everyone’s plans. This book is the perfect introduction of Ms. Grant’s spinoff series, Dark Warriors, which will take the warriors who have not found their lifemates and send them into the future. I cannot wait to find out what happens next.