Dewa Poker is so various and it is bad for you if you don’t know them all. Razz is another version that will make you happy.


What is Razz


Razz is another card game you need to know if you love gambling because Razz is unique and it gives you challenges to win the game. In this Dewa Poker, you will find the similarity with stud since you have to deal with 7 cards. The cards will face down and this game belongs to lowball game. It means, the players who have lowest hand will win the game but you have to avoid in hitting the pair.


What You Need to Know About Razz Dewa Poker


The best hand of Razz Dewa Poker is basically A-2-3-4-5 and it is called as the wheel. Phil Hellmuth is the winner and professional player who holds the winning title of Razz in WSOP tournament and he has the gold bracelet by winning this game on that tournament. Basically it is not a modern card game because it was played in America for decades and there are so many legends in this game made the bankrolls in this game. One of them is Archie Karas who won the game with few dollars he brought.


Another professional player is Stu Ungar. He was best in Texas holdem and Razz because he got the gold bracelet once from this game. Razz is not as popular as Holdem and 2004 was the first time for Razz made its debut on TV. In 2004, the final game of WSOP Razz was shown on TV and ESPN became the channel.


The winner in that final game was TJ Courtier who got $90,500 from Razz Dewa Poker and he was known by audience.