Caern is half vampire and half human.  He plans to devote his life to God as a monk but a beautiful vampire entered his life and puts him on a different path.  He falls in love with the temptress, leaves his old life behind, and goes with her to New Orleans.  The Zombie King, his lover’s brother, finds out that his sister is going to have Caern’s child.  If Caern does not leave New Orleans and the woman he loves, he will die.  His lover insists he leave New Orleans and live.  Caern reluctantly does as she asks and begins a life alone.  Many years later the woman he loved contacts him and asks him to return to New Orleans to rescue his granddaughter.  Someone wants her dead.  Caern risks his life by returning to New Orleans but saving his granddaughter is more important.  He enlists the help of a female police detective investigating a string of murders related to the people who are after his granddaughter.  The chemistry between them is explosive and they fall in love.  Caern must battle an evil band of vampire monks and the King of the Zombies to stay alive and keep his granddaughter and the police detective safe.


Detective Eliza Marrone knows all about the supernatural tales that the tourists love, but she knows that none of it is real…or so she thought.  Her well-ordered world is torn to shreds when she meets not only the King of the Zombies but the Vampire Queen of New Orleans as well.  The police assign Eliza to investigate a series of violent murders.  Nuns are killed in their own churches and it is Eliza’s job to uncover the killer before he can strike again.  The only person who can help her find the killer has his own supernatural secrets.  The attraction between Eliza and Caern does not exclude him from her list of murder suspects.  Eliza and Caern join forces with other supernatural beings to solve the mystery and protect Caern’s granddaughter.  Has Detective Eliza Marrone bitten off more than she can chew by getting involved with Caern?


In the second book of the Amor Immorati series, author J. Morgan takes a man with secrets of his own and tosses him in the middle of a murder investigation.  J. Morgan keeps the action flowing from the beginning of the book until the last page, adding generous amounts of humor that will have the reader laughing out loud.  Eliza and Caern dance around each other, afraid to admit their attraction to each other.  Add into the mix a fairy warrior, a were-bear, vampire monks and zombies and you have a story with something for everyone.  I cannot wait to find out what the author has planned for the next book in this series.