Kenzie Macleod is a Changeling or werewolf. As a child hunters almost captured and killed her. Her experiences still haunt her dreams. Kenzie learns to hide in plain sight, working side-by-side with humans. She is an archeologist searching for answers. A young female wolf cub suddenly appears at her dig in the wilderness of Alaska, bringing back the trauma of her own childhood. Not realizing that the cub is a Changeling, Kenzie thinks she is a wild wolf cub. She turns to the handsome representative of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to help her capture the cub. Kenzie is drawn to the man, but will not allow herself to become involved with a human. Can Kenzie overcome her fears and allow a human into her life?

Josh Talarkoteen’s people had an ancient tie to the wolf clan, shifters helped them when they were dying of starvation. Josh has a gift: he can see the aura of a member of the wolf clan. When he meets the beautiful Kenzie Macleod on the road, he knows exactly what she is. He feels a strong connection to the archeologist and wants to date her, but she keeps refusing his advances. He plans to keep trying until he wears her down. When a cub turns up at her dig site, Josh is only too happy to help her capture the wild animal. Kenzie and Josh are stunned to learn that the cub is a little Changeling girl. They agree to work together to try to find out what happened to her parents. Evil is lurking close to Kenzie’s dig and history is about to repeat itself. Hunters are after Changelings, but they are not interested in killing them. Will Josh be able to keep Kenzie and Anya, the Changeling cub, safe?

In the third book of Dani Harper’s Changeling series, another member of the Macleod clan finds a mate, but she refuses to acknowledge their bond because he is a human. When a former lover of Kenzie’s suddenly appears in Alaska and is a Changeling, Josh worries that he might have serious competition. Kenzie and Josh grow closer as they try to locate Anya’s family. The cub trusts them, but refuses to change back into her human form. Kenzie and Josh know that some horrible trauma haunts Anya. Ms. Harper gives the reader a love story filled with lots of adventure, intrigue and scorching hot sex. Can Kenzie and Josh discover Anya’s secret before the evil forces claim another victim?