High school principal Dave Mason has the tolerance of a saint when it comes to kids, but when it comes to clumsy waitress Ainslie Logan it wears thin.  When an incident with one of his students sends Ainslie in for a meeting, Dave is stunned into silence by the gracefully beautiful woman in front of him.  What is that saying about judging a book by its cover?

Ainslie moved to escape the turmoil her ex-husband caused and wanting a fresh start for her children. Working two jobs and doing her best, her worries grow with a call from the school. When she sees it is Dave, the man who avoids her like the plague at the restaurant, she is concerned his bias for her will reflect to her kids, but Dave does something that completely changes her perception of him.  As Dave and Ainslie grow closer finding something special that is just beginning to grow, trouble stirs for two of her children, but Dave plans to be by her side helping her weather it all.

The best part of finding a new author you have not read before, is finding there are other books of theirs to try. I thought this was a beautiful story, it had everything you could hope for in a book, romance, humor, drama, and a really good story.  Dave is charming as he attempts to sweep Ainslie off her feet, his consideration for her children was handled perfectly.  I liked that Doreen Alsen brought the children in as main characters as well, you got to see how this single family evolves into something more.  Wonderful read.