Justine Hoffman cannot figure out why she is so unlucky in love.  Then she discovers that at her birth her mother cast a spell to protect her from heart break.  As a result, she cannot find love.  Using all her considerable resources, she finds a way to block the spell.  However, they may not have been the best move to make.  Particularly when she meets Jason Black and learns what love is all about.  The storm of desire and danger that she has released may only be contained through the magic of love.

What a fascinating mix of paranormal and romance Lisa Kleypas has created a delightful story within the pages of Crystal Cove.  The characters are well developed, realistic and likeable. The conversations between Jason and Justine capture you with their wittiness and humor while the paranormal adds just the right touch of mystery and suspense.  Captivating from beginning to end, Lisa Kleypas’ Crystal Cove will delight us with the romance and engage us with the amazing plot.  Don’t miss Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas.