Rachel Contino is a wonderful Realtor.  At thirty-eight years old, she has been thriving, winning awards and making lots of money.  All that changed with the downturn in the housing market.  Now, she is struggling to stay afloat but still seems to be holding her own.  Then disaster strikes.  Her main developer, Jonathan Harrell, seemingly commits suicide in one the condos she is selling.  But not all evidence supports the suicide.  He may have been murdered.  When another developer appears to commit suicide as well, the evidence mounts that it is really the work of a serial killer.  Straining her listings  and her finances even more, Rachel feels as if she is being stalked and is now afraid she herself may become a victim.

In spite of all her worries and with no time for a social life, Rachel meets a very sexy twenty-three year old young man, Carlos Martin who is a mortgage broker.  When her friends urge her to make this man her very own boy toy, Rachel cannot resist, but the stakes here may be even greater.

Stalking Love starts out slow but build in intensity as the body count adds up.  Rachel is sure she is being stalked and it is only with Carlos that she feels safe.  Carlos has the power to surprise Rachel and leaves her feeling somewhat out of her element.  She is never quite sure what her next step should be.  Both Carols and Rachel were dealing with things that neither knew.  The plot was filled with twists and turns and just when you think you know what happened, another twist appears.  Like surprises?  Enjoy some suspense with your romance?  Answering yes to any of these means Stalking Love is prefect for you.  Johnny ray has penned another winner.