Review: The Seduction Of His Wife by Tiffany Clare

Emma Hallway and Richard Mansfield, the Earl of Asbury have spent the last twelve years  married but living separate lives.  When Richard returns, he finds his meek wife is nothing but an illusion and has become a fiery tempered and a secretive artist whose talented works are the rage in London.  Richard is unhappy with the risks Emma is taking and decides it is time to step in as a husband should, but his wife has different ideas about how their marriage should continue.  A tangled web of seduction is set in motion as Richard  wants to claim his wife as his one true love.

Fantastic read, The Seduction of His Wife is a page turner.  Another wonderful read by Tiffany Clare as she brings humor and romance to an engaging story. I really enjoyed the spirit of Emma’s character, she has a way of challenging Richard that brings a smile when reading this story.  A delightful read.